Thursday, March 12, 2015

30 Questions

Waktu lagi surfing ke sana ke mari, saya menemukan sebuah tulisan berjudul menarik. 30 Questions You Have About Yourself You Should Be Able To Answer By 30, begitu judulnya.

Tulisan ini menyatakan kalau di usia 20-an adalah waktunya seseorang untuk bertanya apapun, sedangkan usia 30-an adalah waktunya mendapatkan jawaban. Seseorang berusia kepala 2 sedang mengeksplorasi segala aspek hidup, sedangkan di kepala 3, seharusnya seseorang sudah lebih steady.

Ini adalah daftar pertanyaannya:

1. What am i looking for in a partner?
Well, devotion, kind, smart, honest, punctual, good sense of humour and responsible.

2. Is this the person i want to spend the rest of my life with?
No doubt.

3. What will make me happy?
Being with my family, to make my parents happy, to inspire others, to follow my dreams.

4. Is your sacrifice (in what you are doing) worth it?

5. Is this the job i want in 10 years?
Which one? Pediatrician? Yes. Writer? Yes. Announcer? Yes

6. Do i miss him? (The one that got away)
There was no one that got away:))

7. Do i have any real regrets?
No, i dont think so.

8. What goals do is till have?
I still want to go to UK;)

9. What impact do i want to make?
To make people inspired:p

10. Do i want a family?
I already have

11. Are my friends really my friends?
Yes, alhamdulillah:)

12. Am i a good friend?
I hope so

13. Is this the city i want to live in?
If this question came up years ago, i would answer no. I always wanted to live in Jakarta. I planned to move there when im done with my residency in pediatric. But however, i married to my husband, one that think cant live anywhere but in Surabaya:p The longer i live here, im sure that Surabaya is the city i want to live in. All of my friends are here, my jobs are here.

14. When was the happiest time of my life?
When i had Naya.

15. Am i a good daughter?
I hope.

16. Am i a good person?
Im trying to.

17. Do i care what other people think?
I dont think so. I may never stop caring, but i think ive stopped letting it affect myself.

18. Should i feel guilty about cutting someone off?
Never in relationship before my husband so no:p

19. Are my friend i want for life?
Yes yes yes!

20. Do people respect me?
I guess.

21. Do i care enough about my body?
Im trying:D

22. Can i speak up for myself?

23. Is it too late to change?
Its better late than never;)

24. Do i need more?
More what? Money? Fame? Education? Kids;;)?

25. Do i need someone?
I already have one.

26. Am i ready to be an adult?
Eventhough sometimes id like to be childish, but i am now an adult.

27. Have i challenged myself?

28. Will i find love?
I already found him.

29.Do i have the life i wanted?
Alhamdulillah, yes.

30. AM i really 30?
Lets just say im 17, with 13 years -or more:p- experience;;)

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Ron said...

Pertanyaannya menarik dan buat aku banyak mikir terutama pertanyaan 15 ke bawah. :)

dinda said...

You've already inspired, dear mbak Meta :*

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