Sunday, June 6, 2010


Many people said that experience is the best teacher. Count me in to those people, please! But well, in some cases i disagree.

This writing was inspired by my junior in college. *yes piii its you:D* One day, he buzzed me to tell me that he was desperated. He is 20 years old by now, and never had a girlfriend ever.

Hahaha*cynically*, did you choose me to hear ur story just by coincidence?:p

He was so worried that he will become a single-man like always and run out of girls in one time. His friends made fun of this, his parents and his family always ask the same question to him like ‘ where’s your girlfriend?’ “when will you get married” and such a thing. He felt he was forced to have a girlfriend. Its owkay when at last the relationship was over, but at least its an experience and it will help a lot when one’s get married, people said.So, he was twice-worried for not havin any experience. “Will i become a good husband later? Is it true experience is very important?” He asked me.

Knock knock. Hey, it does remind me of something in the past:p Been there, done that*and pls be noted im not ashamed of this* And thats makin you such a genious to choose me to hear your story pi:p
Life is all about choices. And its my choice not to have anykind of personal relationship until im ready to get married. I know there were a lotsa issues, gossips about me because of this. Lesbian, Material girl *just like maddie’s song yeah!’, or what-so-ever, just name it. But i really dont care! I have my own reasons. Its my life anyway

This june 5th will be my 6month-versary wedding i still remember how were my friends when i said that i was getting married 6 months ago. Some of them were surprised, some of them were not believe it. Hahaha. I do still remember there were so many questions from people like “How come?” “Why him?”, “Are you crazy?” “how could you know he’s the one?” blablabla. In fact, some people thought i decided to get married because i was pregnant *i believe this come from those who not knowin me well*

I always thought that my future husband will be much older than me, a calm but typical announcer-person *up to date of top40 music, celeb’s gossips, minus the gayish thing pls:p* and not a doctor.
Surprise surprise, thats not my husband now He’s only one year older than me, and nooooooooooo *BIG NO*, he’s not a calm person, he’s talkative, MUCH MORE than me, trust me:p He’s not that into top 40 music and he doesnt gv a damn to celeb’s gossips:p And yeah, he’s a doctor too:p

“So, why him?”
Ahahaha, yes he’s not as the same as my thought about future husband, but he’s much better than that Its not because he’s a band-personnel, or photographer or obstetrician wannabe, nooooooo it is not. I dont care if he quit the band, the photography things or even the OG things, i still luv him anyway its not about what he is, its all about who he is

He is emotional, but in the same time he’s the only one who can handle my emotion Yes, he doesnt know if there’s band named armada exist*dooooh*:p but ask him about technology or else, he’s the best He’s bad-tempered, but in the same time he’s very gentle. He’s a very well-mixed person. He could be my anythin. He could be my friend, my partner-in crime, my father, my bestfriend, my lover, my teacher, my anythin. He’s my everythin:)

“How could you know he’s the one?”
Actually, i dont know and i dont care either:p All i know is i will be very sorry in my lifetime if i didnt marry him. He’s all i need:)

I dont have any experience, and im not sorry for that. Its true experience is the best teacher, but its not said that it has to be your own experience right? You can get many things from your friends’ experiences.

Stupid people fall at the same hole twice. Normal people fall once, but wont fall for the second times at the same hole. Smart people know there were other people fall at a hole, and try not to pass the hole. Let say im smart:p

Well, maybe im not that smart because i didnt have my own experience, but im not worry at all because im sure my husband will be happy to teach me how to luv or to be a good wife

So piiii *ehem, grandma mode ON* just sit back and enjoy ur life. Theres somebody for everybody for sure, you just have to wait. When its about the time, you’ll know, and just let it flow owkay

Hey, btw i think i found another reason why did i choose being single for my whole lifetime before married. Its because i can say proudly to my husband “ you are my first, and would be my very last luv” :)
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