About Me

Basic Information
Happy-go-lucky, Purple-holic, Music Maniac, Book Addict, Chocolate Lover, Camera-hunger.

A daughter of wonderful parents, a sister of great brothers and sisters, a friend of amazing friends.

Naya's #1 Fan, a wife to superman, a pediatrician, in luv with broadcasting, writing from her heart:)

SMAN 3 Bandung : 1-4, 2-4, IPA1.

Medical Faculty Airlangga University Surabaya, class of 2001

Medical Faculty Aarhus University Denmark, class of 2007
Neurosurgery Dept.

Medical Faculty Airlangga University Surabaya, class of 2010-2015
Pediatric Dept.

EBS 105.9 FM The Teenage Spirit Station Surabaya, 2003-2007
Announcer and Scriptwriter

DRAPS School of Entertainment, 2007-2009

Probest School of Public Speaking, 2007-2009

Jtv & SBO Tv Surabaya, 2003-present

Olga Girls Magazine,2006-present

DJFM 94.8 The Ultimate Youngster Radio, 2007-present
Announcer, Producer

Master of Ceremony, 2003-present

A Piece Of My Heart 2008

MetaMorphosis 2009

Metamatika 2012
Dont Worry to be a Mommy!, 2013


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