Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day Thirteen. A Fiction Book.

Have I told you how in love am I with Enid Blyton's books?

Since today theme is about a fiction book, I will write about one of my Enid's fave book. Actually its been a fave of mine ever:D

The title is The Family At Red-Roofs or in Indonesia, Rumah Beratap Merah. 
 Its about a family that consists Mr and Mrs Jackson, Molly (16 yo), Peter (14 yo), Michael (11 yo) and the youngest Shirley (9 yo). They live in a red-roofs house that described as a "little-washed house" which "seemed to smile in the warm sunshine".

They were a happy family until their mother became ill and was taken to the hospital for surgery. And to make it worse, their father's ship sank in his job-related journey. Without their parents, they have to take any work they can find. A help arrives in a form of Jenny Wren, their nanny who is very straight but really nice to them. Another help arrives in form of Jackdaw who comes to tend garden.
This book really shows us about family values, heart-warming, and a nice story about how a family could fight against all odds and stay strong together.

I cried everytime I read this book, and I never got bored with it. It has a happy ending, something that i really like:p I think this book should be on the Must-Read list for everyone. Well, im definetely will ask Naya to read this book later. I gave my four thumbs up!

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