Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 26. A Week.

In a great detail:D

On Monday, i dont remember in detail what i did. But since i dont think there was any highlight on Monday, i guess Monday was just another day for me. I worked in the hospital until afternoon, came home to play with Naya and did my journal presentations.

On Tuesday, i went to hospital early because my patient would have his surgery. After that, i worked in the outpatient clinic, and did my routines.

On Wednesday, i had my night shift in the hospital. It was pretty hard, since we got a new conjoined twins arrived. I was busy preparing this and that, i was busy observing that and this. I barely slept, and i felt exhausted.

On Thursday, i worked until afternoon in the outpatient clinic. I was sleepy all the time due to lack of sleep the other night. When i got home, i straight went to bed and faint:p

On Friday, probably you've already read it in the former post, i went to the outpatient clinic, went home, worked on my homeworks, played with Naya, and went for shooting in the SBO Tv.

On Saturday, which is today. I play with Naya all day long. I have some buka-bareng schedules but i havent made up my mind which one to go:D

On Sunday, tomorrow i will have to walk on-air aka broadcasting shift in my radio, and we are going to go to Taman Safari Prigen! Woohoooo, cant hardly wait:D I will post it soon, promise;)

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