Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 22. A Website.

Its still 8 days to go before i could finish my #30DaysBlogChallenge. Well, i never thought i could be this far:D

Anyway, i know today's theme is about a website. But please allow me to modify it a lil bit to be some website(s):) Everyday, i always connected to internet. Not only to check my emails (Some are not connnected to the Blackberry device), but sometimes to check my blog out, to do the blogwalking, or simply just to surf the internet.

There are some websites that i'd like to visit, beside mine here of course:p

1. www.Ayahbunda.co.id
   Have you ever visited this website? It contains a lot of parenting informations which are very
   useful, especially for newbie parents like me:p
   The design is very colorful, cute and its also user-friendly.

2. www.theurbanmama.com
    This website also offers some informations about parenting or motherhood. But the different from
    the former is its forum. The informations are given from other mothers' experiences:D

3. www.mommiesdaily.com
4. www.katespade.com
    :)))))  Ive been waiting for Kate Spade surprise sale that could be anytime! I dont wanna miss it 
    since im deeply in love with one of their collection:D 

How about you? What website do you like to visit?

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