Friday, July 12, 2013

Day Nineteen. A Talent of Yours.

Errrr.. I spent a lot of time to write on this post. I got a little stuck on thinking what talent that i have. Seriously:/

I cant draw, or cook, or sing-even though i really wish i could!- I cant dance either. How about sport? Meh. Dont ask me!:p I like to play piano, but i dont think i could play piano that good to tell that i have a talent in it:D

Well, I’m not exactly sure if you’d call this a talent:p But i think my talent is fast-reading and fast-writing. Errrr.. do  you think you can call it as talent?:p

I could write really fast, as well as i could read very fast. I found this helpful in my works, as doctor or as announcer/presenter and blogger:D

Is it called talent?:D

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