Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day Fourteen. A Non Fictional Book.

Beside those fictional books which are the most genre of books in my bookshelf, i also read some non fictional books. One of my fave would be the 'Trilogi Novel Inspirasi Dahlan Iskan."
One of the Trilogy.

Dahlan Iskan, our minister for state-owned enterprises is very inspiring. Long time ago, when he was not as famous as he is now, i had an opportunity to meet him as the owner of media group i worked in. He was very humble, and did inspire me in some ways. I remember what i thought at that time. "This person, with his great mind and great ideas should be one of Indonesia's leader to bring Indonesia to a better country."

So i was not surprised to know he was chosen as the CEO of Indonesia's State Electricity Company, and later as Indonesia's Minister.

Read his biography would be really inspiring and heart-warming!:)

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