Saturday, April 12, 2014

10 Reasons I Love My Jobs

This is my first topic in 10 day blog challenge i joined. Today's topic is about reasons why i love my jobs. I did write the 'Job' as plural, because im aware that i have more than one job;)
Owkay, bring it on!

1. I love to be a doctor. Being a doctor is awesome. To save lives, to comfort people is some reasons why do i love my job. But among of all, i love to be a doctor because it always reminded me to be grateful for my life. Being a doctor -pediatrician especially- means you will see there are so many kids that have to live with their chronic diseases. You will wonder, what have they done to deserve that kind of diseases? Nothing. But they are struggling, they are not complaining, they even could still play with a lot of fun. Something that made me ashamed for complaining a lot, about weathers, phone signals, etc etc. Being a doctor always reminded me to be grateful that im healthy, i can breathe, i can walk, i can run, and i can do everything i want:)

2. I love to be a doctor. Being a doctor means long-life learning. I like to learn, anything.

3. I love to be a pediatrician. Because pediatrician is more than a doctor. Pediatrician is comfoter, arts and crafts maker, counselor, therapist, teacher,  investigators, magician, singer -sometimes:p-, and so much more. Being a pediatrician means that you not only treat the child or baby, but you treat the entire social condition. 

4. I love to be a pediatrician. I can be as silly as i want. I can take a purple stethoscope with puppet hanging around, i can sing children songs, i can do magic tricks while im working. Cool? Beyond!

5.  I love to be a writer. I love writing since i could write. How cool is it that we can do our hobby and call it work? To be able to write our stories and share them with others?Its pretty good, i think;)

6. I love to be a writer. Its amazing to know how people affected after reading my writings.

7. I love to be a blogger. I have met some great people through developing my blog. Its really nice to know that people really read my blog and sometimes ask me something through email. I made new friends and relatives, yay!

8. I love to be an announcer. How cool is that -again- we can do our hobby and call it work? I can hear the latest songs, i have the opportunity to interview famous singers, bands or celebrities and get paid? Hmmm,, dont you think its full-of-yayness?;;)

9. I love to be an announcer. I love talking, about anything. Ask my husband:p But as an announcer, i can talk as much as i want, and -again- getting paid? Its like a dream come true:p

10. I love to be a presenter. I like to study new things. Being a presenter means i have to study a lot of new things for me. I have to keep up-to-date about everything. And have i told you how i love being in front of camera?:p


nunu said...

Bener meta.. Serunya jadi penulis ketika mendapat tanggapan dari tulisan kita.. Apalagi jika mendapat apresiasi ya....

Meta Hanindita said...


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