Sunday, April 13, 2014

9 Things About Me

This is the second topic of 10 day blog challenge i joined:)
Since the topic is 9 things about me, well, lets see.

1. I dont like coffee. Even though my husband and all-of-my-doctor-friends are so into coffee, i dont like it at all. I dont like the smell, the taste, the appearance. I dont even like the coffee flavoured candy!:p

2. I really want to go to UK. Its like my childhood obsession. Lets cross fingers!

3. I love purple. Actually, i dont mind to have stuffs with other colors than purple. But almost every stuff of mine is purple, because people tend to give me purple stuffs;)

4. I really want to get LASIK surgery, but i still dont have the gut for it:))))

5. My parents named me 'META' after i was born for 40 days. They did not ready for a name since i was born preterm, 7 months of gestational age. They almost named me Kellaswari. Hmmm, how do you think? Will it sound better with Kellaswari?:p

6. I want to have a daughter since i havent married. I think, a daughter will make a good bestfriend, a shopping partner, a make-up mate, a salon-partner and -of course- a gossip-partner!

7. I gained my weight 25 kgs when i was pregnant:)) I looked like a baloon, seriously.

8. I miss breastfeeding! #EH :)))

9. Im afraid of cats. Still!

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