Thursday, April 17, 2014

5 People Mean A Lot

For today's topic -which is the sixth day on my 10 day blog challange-, i have to write about 5 people that mean a lot to me, in no order whatsoever. Its kinda easy and difficult in the same time, since i have so many people that mean a lot to me. Its easy to think some names, but its difficult to narrow them down to only 5. I'll do my best!

1. Of course, my mom! She is my biggest inspiration of all time. I remember when i was a kid, all i want is just to be like her. I dont know what my life would be without her;) My current obsession is to make her happy:D

2. My dad. He was my role model. And i was his little angel;)

3. My baby, Naya. The beat to my heart, the sun to my shine.

4. My husband:)

5. My BFF. You know who you are:p

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