Monday, April 14, 2014

8 Ways to Win My Heart

The third topic on 10 day blog challenge. Its really easy to win my heart, actually:) Anyway, since someone already won my heart:))), i guess i will write this just to remind me what my husband did to win my heart:p

1. Just be yourself. I dont like fake people.
2. People say that the best relationships start off as friendship first. So lets be friend first:D
3. Listen. Sometimes a girl just needs a listening ear.
4. Hand-written notes. Probably it sounds silly, but i do love hand-written notes more than flowers, chocolates, dolls or any other gifts.  Its really nice to know that someone really put thought to write something to you;)
5. Have a good sense of humor.
6. Remember little things about me.
7. Have a good taste of music.
8. Be my partner in crime;)

Not that difficult, right?;)


Nunu said...

apa ya? yang kuingat dari meta enggak bisa makan nasi, right?

Meta Hanindita said...


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