Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10 Years From Now

Frankly, I don’t like thinking too much about the future. After all, we can only live in the present time, and thus we should focus on that. Right? Until one day,  I was blogwalking, and stumbled upon someone's post titled ' How do you imagine your life 10 years from now?'.

Automatically, i started to ask myself that question. How do i imagine myself 10 years from now? Of course, i will be 10 years older that time. But its not the point. I think the essence of the question is what have you achieved by that time? What have you done?

It made me think more and more about my future. I believe that write this post will help me to get a lot of motivation to reach it. Hopefully.

A lot can happen in 10 years. I most likely will be just the same person I am now in 10 years. Just looking at myself 10 years ago I hardly can see a difference in who I am, I’m definetely NOT changing a lot. Still that kind of happy-go-lucky person, still stubborn, and still like to write;)

Well, in 2022, i'd be living my life as a pediatrician. I dont know yet in which city will i live, but i guess Surabaya would be just fine. Though actually i hope i could go back to Bandung or Jakarta.
Ever since, I dont have any goal to be a famous-and-have-many-patients-pediatrician.  All i want to do is help. So it doesnt matter for me whether will i become a rich-busy-pediatrician or not. As long as i have chances to help people, thats enough:)

Im -probably- already a lactation counselor, and an IBCLC. I probably would take a fellowship in pediatric growth and development. I always like observing the child's growth and development anyway:)

I would be joining in a social foundation. Probably as their health consultant or anything. I always have a thing to those kids who have cancer. So maybe its a social foundation for kids with cancer.

I would be still announcing in radio. Not in my former radio of course, since its a teenager-radio-station. Maybe i will be an announcer in a parenting radio station. If any.

I would be also still doing the TV show. I guess there will be more time for me in the future to do this.

I would have published some more books. Not only books based on blog, but maybe i'll write about something else. (Not recipe book, for sure:p). I would be a contributor for parenting magazine, i hope:p

I would have my own daycare, or a kindergarten. Its not a fancy one, but it will be warm and comfy for everyone.

Nayara would be 11 years old by that time, she would be a teenager. A beautiful one:')
She would love to do ballet, piano and dancing. We would love to spend our mommy-daughter time together. We would go shopping, gossiping or spa together. Ah, cant wait!

My husband would be a obstetrician/gynaecologist by that time. And im sure as much as i can, that he will be a very successful one. He would have been around the world to attend those workshops, seminars, conferences, congresses or what-so-ever. And i would be very happy to go with him to do my part as wife to shop, take pictures, city sightseeing:p

Probably, insyaAllah, i would have another child. Its not a problem whether it will be a boy or another girl. She/he would be Nayara's little sister/brother.  She/he would look precisely like Nayara, but perhaps not as talkative as she is now.

We would go to spend our holiday for family trip to Disneyland. You know, ive been there (Disneyland France) and i make a promise to myself that someday i will go back with my family. I just know i will:)

My husband and I would have been going to Mecca for hajj. InsyaAllah:) Since my mother already went for hajj, so i would take her to go traveling with us wherever we 'd go. I think my mom would be very happy to go to USA, so we would take her there.

I would build a house right beside mine for my mom so that she'd never have to go and back from Surabaya - Bandung.I would provide her with a comfortable car and a driver so she could go shopping anytime, anywhere she'd like:)

Wow, after reading what ive written, i understand i do have a lot of goals and dreams. But on the other hand, I really believe in following life where ever it may lead or in other words, I might be doing something completely different than what I just wrote, LOL.

But no matter what, I know I’ll be happy with it because even its different from what i imagined, im sure Allah will give me a better one:)


Cici Pratama said...

Hm... What you write, what you tell, what you share, it's always touching me. You are the awesome person that I know. You are the special one that has given some beliefings by God to take your future, insyaallah...

Ratna Wahyu said...

Kita punya wish list yang sama yaitu: jadi KL and IBCLC.. Semoga someday kita bisa bergandengtangan untuk dunia per-ASI-an... Aamiin :)

Unknown said...

Dokter Meta, sekrang terkenal luar biasa. Apakah semuanya tercapai dok?

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