Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Letter: Hello, Naya!

My babygirl Naya,
It feels as if only yesterday you came to this world. I still remember holding you in my arm for the very first time. Tiny, fragile and beautiful. You held my thumb with your little fingers and smiled at me. The memory of that moment remains forever in mu heart.

I remember everybody would remind me to enjoy every second with you. They grow up too fast, you’re gonna miss it. So they said. Of course I scoffed at them. There was no way I would miss those times of getting up in the middle of the night, those endless crying, those rough breastfeeding days or those dirty diapers.

And somehow, time flies.

Gone are the days when you first smiled, you took your first steps, your first teeth, said your first words, your first day of school, your first ballet recital, your first piano recital and so many other moments.

Yes I do miss those moments.

My babygirl,
I have not been a perfect mother but I have tried to show you my love each and every day of your life since you were born. I may not share this much, but I always pray for you all the time.

I pray that God will always protect you and keep you safe. I pray that God will bless your life. I pray that God will always lighten your life, and fill you with happiness.

I pray for you to find out what you love and do it.  I pray for you to be a long life learner. I pray for you to have faith and make it your own, to be the best possible version of yourself, to be useful, to have good manners and politeness, and to take responsibilitty for your own actions or mistakes.

You cant change the world all at once. But you can change it little by little by doing the right thing even nobody does. Those little things can make a big difference. Always be honest, be thankful and be kind to others.

Dear Naya,
Please remember this. I love you, and I will always do.


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