Friday, January 13, 2012

Lessons Learnt

Ive been in the pediatric hematology division for 12 days now. Its only 12 days, but i think ive already gotten a loooooot of lessons learnt. Not only the lesson or theory of hematology itself, of course, but i get much more.

My hematology patients usually are those who diagnosed with cancer or any other malignancy condition. Their prognosis are bad, you can browse or google it if you want to know:D Maybe only a little percentage that will survive in the next 5 years.

They have to come every 2 weeks or less to get blood transfussion, or to have chemotherapy. When they have the chemotherapy, there are some side effects that might be happened. Nausea, vomiting, headache, fever, and any other uncomfortable situation. This chemotherapy is usually take a long range of time. Months or even years. You can imagine how are them. Bald (fallin-hair is one of the side effects), spending their life mostly at the hospital, doing nothing , can not go to school like any other kids and see all of their friends with the same diseases are gone one by one, just in the front of their eyes, counting down the time, when will be their turn.

Their family, especially their parents, take care of them. Some of the parents even resigned from their job so they can always be beside their kids.

I learned that i have to thank Allah for my life. Being alive and with reasonable good health. This is so obvious that sometimes we forget to thank Allah for this. There are so many people out there that would kill for having half our current health.Just like those kids:)

I learned that i should be ashamed of myself. When there are many people who only wish to be healthy and still not complain to Allah about their diseases, in the same time, i complained about weather, traffic, TV shows, so tired after night-shift, can not see the newest movie in the theatre, or can not go to mall this weekend, and so many things that if you compared to those kids, are garbage.

I learned that i should understand when their parents refused any other chemotherapy or rescucitation. Its not they dont understand about their kids' diseases. They know how the prognosis is. They know they must be loosin their kids. Sooner or later. But maybe, for the parents, survival is not the most important thing anymore. Their quality of life is. Who have the heart to see their kids suffered? Owkay, spirit of fighting is important. But after a looooong way, i think the parents have the right to decide what to do with their kids.

I learned that being sick is very expensive. You have to expense a looot of money. So, please before its too late, take care of your own health.

I salute all the hematology patients and their families for their patience, for their spirit. All of my prayers are for them. May Allah bless you all:') Amin.

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