Thursday, June 23, 2011

Turning Three

My dear Naya,

Two more days, and you’ll be 3 months old, yaaaay!

I will begin this letter by explaining every single thing to celebrate your- upcoming soon-3rd month.

I really luv to see you grow, and change and learn new things. But as I rock you to sleep at night, I cant believe that you are such a big girl. It seems like you are growing way too fast.

In the last month or so you’ve started talking alot. –Haaa! Wonder where it comes from:p- Every morning, you wake up and start to “BaBa”, “DooDoo”, “Aooo Aooo”, haha cute! I really wish i could understand it. Ah, you’re such a big girl Naya!

You do love bath time. As soon as you hear your nanny prepares the bathtub, turn the water on, you always kicking and smiling. It seems you cant wait to get in. You start splashing, laughing, playing with Doggie the rubber dog, your bath friend .

When the bath time is over, you will cry out loud, get mad at me for getting you out of the bathtub. And im thinking, such a big girl you are now, dear:)
You have your favorite toys. You like Mr. Ducky who sings and talks to you. You luv those dogs hangin in your crib. You like Mrs. Kupi-kupi, the butterfly who sings and flies in your stroller . And you enjoy ‘read’ those soft books i bought for you. I dont know whether you do understand or not, but you always laugh and smile while reading it so seriously so i think you do. You’re such a big girl now, Naya!

You just went to a size M diaper this week. They are a little too big but size S is a little too small. You are wearing clothes that are anywhere between 6-12months, whereas you’re just almost 3 months old. I have to buy you more clothes i guess –yes!:p- Ah, you’re such a big girl now, baby:)

--> Naya is wearing 6-12months size Romper:)

You love it when daddy talks to you. You will laugh and laugh. You love to hear me sing for you. “Becak” is your favorite song. You will also sing with me. Its so funny haha. Such a big girl you are now:)

You have quite the temper dear! You get very upset when i dont listen to your mumbling. You also get mad at me when i take you out from your ‘swimming pool’ at your swimming time. You don’t realize i only do this because i luv you and don’t want you to get flu. You also get very upset when you’re hungry or get tired. Otherwise you are always happy and smiley and the funniest little girl. You’re such a big girl dear!:)

Ah, time really flies. Its only 3 months from the day you were born and you’re such a big girl now. I wonder what will you be next year. Mommy and daddy luv you so much, dear Naya. We look forward to each and every day we have to luv you!:*

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Anastasia Vita Divina said...

wew! udaaahh gde de2k naya.. :) happy 3rd month yeee..moga makinlucyuu :)

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