Wednesday, February 4, 2015

First Love

Have you watched this video? You should:)

Do you know today is World Cancer Day?

I always have a thing for people with cancer. I saw my dad struggle with it for 13 years.
I used to be his little girl and his little princess. He taught me so many life lessons i needed to learn. He was a doctor so he knew he was going to die soon. He prepared everything for me, my brother and my mom to be strong, independent and how to survive in this whole wide world without him.

I lost him to cancer 14 years ago. I could be the one i am now because of him. I could be this strong because of him. But still, im not strong enough to hear songs, read stories or watch videos about dad like this without even crying. Well, maybe im not that strong:p

He's the reason why i wanted to be a pediatrician in the first place. Because i just wanted to be a good one, just like him. He's laso the reason for me to pursue all of my dreams and never give up.

"Its better to feel sorry because you've tried and failed than sorry because you've never tried at all", once he said. So here i am, trying all the stuff i like, from writing to broadcasting, medical to anything.

Have you heard a quote "Daddy is a girl's first love?"

He is to me:)

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