Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Nayara:*

Dear Nayara,
Exactly a year ago you were born. You popped out as a very tiny baby and now here you are all walking, crawling, dancing, clapping your hands all the time and beginning to talk. It’s been amazing to look at you today and watching you grow over the past year. Time really flies. Every milestone or step you reach makes me a happy and proud mommy.

I still remember clearly how i felt on the day you were born. I was happy -of course- but panic as well. I had no idea about the motherhood,i didnt know what to, i was clueless how to make you turn out. What should i do if you... how about if... blablablabla. I didnt know whether i could be a good mother for you. But whatever it takes, i'll try the best that i could for you. For me, there is nothing happier than holding you in my arms for the first time, breastfeeding you and look at your beautiful eyes. Never before had my heart known such love:)

After this year, i finally realized that actually im the one that learn a lot of things from you. I learn how to be really good in time management, i learn patience, honesty, and a lot more. You have enriched my life in ways i will never be able to properly thank you for. The diapers and late nights are a very small price to pay to hold you in my arms everyday. You are an amazing gift that I intend to treasure for a lifetime.

I wish I could hold on to your youth forever. Soon you will have metamorphed into an adorable woman. I know that I cannot hold on to this moment forever, but I hope that one day you will read this letter and understand how much I love you. That word still seems too small, but I will always love you, as your mother, your bestfriend, your supporter, your biggest fan. You saved my life, Nayara:) you gave meaning to my life, you gave joy to my heart, and you gave that butterflies in my tummy:)

Dear Nayara,
It's so hard to believe that was one short year ago. A year seems like short time. Yet, in the past year, you have made me love you even more than I thought possible a year ago. My love for you grows each and every day. Just when I thought I couldn't love anymore, I love you even more:)
I love your smile, i love your laugh, i love your smell, i love your cry, i love you, i love every single thing about you!

365 days. Seems like such a lot amount of time. But it feels very short. Yet, in a year, you have gone from the fragile, tiny powerless newborn in my arms to the energetic, talkative,smart, cute adventurous one year old sweety you are today. All those milestones, all the steps, all the growing in just 365 days.

365 days that really changed my life forever:) With you, there is nothing about me will be the same. You make my life more beautiful, you fill it with more laughter, and you make my heart warm more than I ever dreamed possible.

Im so excited to pass any other-365-days with you.
Happy Birthday Nayara!:*



Cici Pratama said...

happy birthday naya... Your mother was so proud of you and you have to proud more of your mother (if you read later). Hope nayara can be smarter, be kinder, be good smiler, etc :)

Meta Hanindita said...

Thank you auntieeee*mewakili naya* :p

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