Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A letter for Naya

Helloooo dear,

I wonder how old are you when you’re reading this letter. 7 years old? 8 years old? Or maybe much younger since you’re a very smart girl. Im not surprised if you could read when you’re still 3 years old.

I could say that you’re smart not because im your mother. I know its right. You could prone when you’re 5 weeks. Many kids could prone when they’re 3-4months. You could smile even laugh since you were born. Other kids do that when they’re a month old.You could hold your head a while in your first month. Many things you could do earlier than others.

Today, you’re 2months. I write you this letter so that one day, you will know what a special part of our family you were, right from the very beginning.

My dear Naya, im sure you’ve already read other posts in this blog. I wrote everything i feel about you, my pregnancy, and my story about your birth. Being pregnant with you has been a very different experience than I would have expected.
Our pregnancy has been hard for me. There are things you may not understand, nor should have to bear. Regardless, I am sure you have felt my despair and stress. I want you to know, that none of these feelings have anything to do with you. I have always wanted you, I long to hold you, to hug you and I would go through anything to have you here with me. I dont mind to give up everything for you.

I promise to teach you how to be the kind of person who people will love to be around.
I promise to protect you from anything.
I promise to guide you with my prayer every second.
I promise to calm you whenever you fear, to help you whenever you need me.
I promise to hug you when you cry, hold you when you down
I promise to give you the best i could. Only the best for you.

Dear Naya,

The day you were born was the best day of my life. It's was such a wonderful experience carrying you inside me. I thank God everyday for giving me such a perfect, beautiful,smart and healthy little baby.

I look forward to watching you grow and I hope I (and your daddy too) will guide you on the right paths.

Being a mother for you makes me know why people said, ‘Surga ada di telapak kaki ibu’. But for me, heaven is when your beautiful eyes starring at me after breastfeeding, and you give your sweetest smile. Heaven!:)

I luv you Naya, much. No matter how old you’ll be, you will always be mommy’s little angel:)



di. said...

terharu biru, wowsome post T.T

Anonymous said...


I wonder how hard I'd cry if my Mom wrote this kinda letter soon after I was born.

Dear Naya, I'm sure you will be an amazing girl.. :')

Adhi said...

Dear Naya...

Saya jitak ya klo ngga nurut sama mamamu.. perjuangan beliau tidaklah mudah...

*setelah menjitak, saya yakin.. saya dilempar dandang oleh mamamu itu...



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