Friday, December 30, 2011

Maternity Shots

Menjelang tahun baru, Meta iseng bongkar-bongkar koleksi Meta di harddisk. Aslinya sih lagi nunggu download jurnal buat ilmiah minggu depan:p

Naah, nemu deh foto-foto jadul mulai prewedd, nikah sampe pregnancy yang belum pernah dipublish. Yes, i know its kinda too late, but its owkay. Better late than never right?:p

Btw, foto ini dibuat dengan keadaan susah payah due to my pregnancy condition. Right a week after these photos taken, i even couldnt see clearly:D

This is a note from Carol, the photographer:D
..let me think..
What can I say about this sweet yet crazy couple?

They both doctor. Highly aware to the camera. Laugh a lot. Always in love to each other. And they’re gonna have a baby soon!!

Almost all the people in Surabaya knows Meta.. (even they’re never met her) This gorgeous young lady is one of the most favourite radio announcer in Surabaya. She won so much awards for her career, I’m one of her big fans actually..=”)

And last year she invited me to come to her wedding.. That’s my first time met Hari.

Hari such a cool and romantic person.. By the time I took their photo, I’ve just realized that he’s a photographer too.. and he’s really expert with film photography.. so cool!!

Really have fun with you both:)

I just can’t wait to see your baby soon, guys..

Lovely smart mom + fun cool daddy = Lucky baby!♥:))

Thank you dear!

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