Monday, February 9, 2009


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*i was tagged by Hendra Brahmantyo, Marchie Ariyani

1.I luv reading and writing as well. I read anythin, just name it;) And eventhough some people say that im talkative –hey, its not 100% true!-i'd rather 'say' what i feel or what i think in writings.

2.I hv a chronic left-right disorientation:p i cant differentiate which one is left or right without bracelet in my left hand –i know its left bcoz there's my bracelet on it:p-Mphh..well, honestly, i think its not only left-right, but i cant differentiate directional things either like north,east,west,huehhh..*white flag*

3.What you see or what you think about me is not always what you get;)

4.I get panic easily, especially when things dont go along as i wish. Im trying to decrease it, anyway. I know its not good.

5.I always-at least trying to-like what i do, since i know that i cant always do what i like.

6.I realize that i have a little bit-hmph..maybe not that little:p-difficulty in focusing something. Sometimes when i talked about one thing, before i finished it, ive already talked about another thing hihihi..

7.I really wanna go to UK. Its kinda my dream-destination since i was a kid. I supposed to go there in 2007, but unfortunately i got a visa problem im sure one day, i'll be there.*keep my fingers crossed*

8.My biggest guilty pleasure is chilli. I can eat more than 30 chillies a day,without feeling 'hot' at all. I know its not good for my health, but hey, thats why people named it guilty pleasure right?;;)

9.I dont like crowd.

10.I really hate situations when i hv nothin to do. I feel like im wastin my time,and i feel so useless.

11.Many of my friends said that im too patient, but i hope i could be more patient then i am now.

12.Id prefer be at home, watching tv or reading a book much better than window-shopping @mall, or having one-stop beauty treatment @beauty-parlor.

13.I dont think i could live without music.

14.I luv camera. Hihihi..

15.I dont like being judged by people, especially when they're pretending know me a lot while they're not.

16.One of my dream is to own a hospital.

17.I laugh too much-i guess-:p

18.Actually, i'd prefer being a listener better than a talker.

19I used to be a perfectionist person. Used to, not anymore:)

20.Im afraid of cats. Seriously.

21.Im allergic to dust, seafood,milk and cold weather.

22.I luv to see the color of lamps in the night.

23.I dont like bothering people. I try to solve everything by myself.

24.I luv kids. Maybe thats why i wanna be a pediatrician.

25.I just wanna live happily ever after:

-copy paste dr notes fb-:p
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aning said...

16.One of my dream is to own a hospital

Gue doain semoga terkabul deh..., karena gue maw nglamar di Instalasi Farmasi-nya, heuheuheu,,,, soalnya sekarang gue kerja di salah satu RS swasta di Tangerang, dan keluarga gue di madiun semua, ga papalah, demi cita2 sedari ketjil...kerja di rumah sakit. hehe

Meta Hanindita said...

ntar kt kerja bareng yaaa*halaah*:p

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