Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fast Five

Nooo, im not going to review the movie. I havent even seen it:D
I will write to my daughter since today she's five months old. Time really flies. It felt that i was just delivered her yesterday. Oh well. Thats why i post this letter with the title just exactly like the movie:D

Hello Naya, today you're five months old! Im so happy for it:)
You are a smart girl, we both know this. But everyday in these five months, you are getting smarter and smarter. Im really a proud mommy:)

You could distinguish between colors, you could sit, even momentarily without support. You still like to play with your own hand and feet. You like to roll over, like everywhere.Remember that i said, in your 4th month everything goes to your mouth? You still do it until now, dear:D

Im not with you all the time now. But when i came from school, you would wait for me and smile when you finally see me. Heaven!:)

My dear Naya, im so sorry for couldnt be with you all the time like i used to. But i promise, you are always in my heart, as well in my mind. I promise that im gonna use my time -when im not in school- with you:D

I love you, baby!:*

Ps: Cant hardly wait for next month when you eat for the first time!:D

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